I am working for company_name. I am working at company_name. I am working with company_name. Some nuances in meaning: in/at: to emphasize the physical place. "with": may not be an employee rather a freelancer/consultant/conntractor of some kind. I am working in a company …


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This means that they care about keeping you around and making sure you know what steps need to be taken in order to go further into the company. It is important to take this as constructive criticism and not personally. Both the sentences are similar--working at/for the company essentially to earn a living. Another way of saying it is, you're employed at a company. The difference is microscopic and can only be distinguished by analysing the hidden nuances.

Work at a company

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After leaving school, he worked in a restaurant for a year. military hospital. His sister works in a bank. She works in a shoe factory.

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This can make it difficult to see the impact a small task has on the bigger picture.

Work at a company

effective product. The company already had customers and had made strong technology decisions." Tom Denham, Full Stack Engineer, Vanta "Bilal [Clearbrain's CEO] has been a great manager, and has treated me like a peer, from day one. "On Work at a Startup, I went from clicking apply to getting an offer from companies in maybe 3 to 4 weeks." When someone says they work for a company, it implies that they are employed by them, with an ongoing relationship. Working at is used to describe the place of one's work, including a particular group, organization or company. One can never work at a person.
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Work at a company

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particular , for seeing that the company follows existing laws and regulations and objectives for its work and evaluates its performance in a systematic way .

To work "in a company" implies membership in its corporate structure, while to work "at a company" suggests a lowlier position. provide identification of the staff working in the company at all times; The restructuring plan could go on to affect a further 2000 employees working in the company 's other sites in Pozzuoli, Palermo, Rome and Ivrea. Because of the shorter and more cost. effective product.