Helgelandskysten på langs er ei bok fylt med bilder fotografert av Inge Ove Tysnes. Fra Rødøyløva i nord ned til Brønnøysund og Vega i sør og vest. I tekstene 


Enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Norway, with fjord cruises, Flam Railway, Lofoten Islands, 3 nights Hurtigruten cruise, Helgeland coast, Oslo & Bergen.

Helgeland is characterized by pointed mountains and Strandflaten, a shallow lowland area, sometimes just above the sea surface, and sometimes just below the surface. People living on the coast have settled on this lowland (while inland towns, such as Mo and Mosjøen, are situated in valleys). The Helgeland coast, which also crosses the Arctic Circle, is often singled out as one of the most enjoyable parts of the Hurtigruten sailing route. In Helgeland, the local speedboats are known as ”the metro”. Hop on to experience the original main road between Bodø and Sandnessjøen. Visit adventure islands like Træna (pictured), and get to know the people who live out here, some six to seven miles from the mainland.

Helgeland coast

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Offersøy Camping is located on the coast just south of Sandnessjøenon northern Norway. Here there has always been a rich fishing for cod, saithe, haddock, herring, flounder and catfish. Over the past few years, more halibut and mackerel have been fished than before. We rent out boats of a high […] The Helgeland coast is fairly shielded from the high seas so there are normally few waves.

Stunning views of the Helgeland coast from the top of Rødøyløva, Norway - Photo: · Vackra PlatserMonument ValleyHäftigtImpressionismNorgeBilderPlatser 

Hike the Seven Sisters or try rafting. The Helgeland coast, which also crosses the Arctic Circle, is often singled out as one of the most enjoyable parts of the Hurtigruten sailing route.

between the High Coast and the Helgeland. Coast in Norway. There are several fairy-tail. trails along the way. In Örnsköldsvik municipality. you will find them at 

Booking F Comprising thousands of islands in the south to steep mountains and narrow fjords in the north, Helgelandskysten (the Helgeland Coast) is possibly Norway’s most beautiful stretch of coast. Driving along Norwegian Scenic Route Helgelandskysten provides plenty of opportunities for hiking, cycling or boating adventures along the way. Coast of Helgeland; Accommodation.

Helgeland coast

apr 2019 Ta kontakt med for eksempel Helgeland Kajakk.
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Helgeland coast

15.09.2017 - Sør-Helgeland #vector #illustration #sør #helgeland #thedesigntip #haugvika #sømna #vik #minimal #poster #sunrise #reflection #coast. Drive the Coastal Route Take in all the dramatic landscapes on the Helgeland Coast National Tourist Route when you pick up a cheap car rental in Norway.

1996) west and south coast, where native Greylag Goose. Torghatten outside brønnøysund on the helgeland coast of norway is best kniwn for the hole through the mountain.
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Info Helgeland. info helgeland. Last update. 24/Mar/2021. Detaljer. img Kayaking on the Helgeland Coast - Norrøna Hvitserk. Detaljer. img Plan your trip to 

In just a few days, we had countless wonderful experiences on the beautiful island located off the Helgeland coast in Norway. We started by checking in at Vega Havhotell. A very welcoming man dressed in a chef uniform greeted us and announced that we would be staying in one of the Ocean Suites. Get this stock video and more royalty-free footage. Timelapse of Helgeland coast.